Your child is not broken.

People with¬†Asperger’s or mild autism have communication, sensory, and social difficulties that can make life difficult for them, their families, and their educators. But there are ways we can help. We can give our children/teens/young adults the tools they need to open doors in the walls that separate them from their peers, family, and the rest of the world. And we can make sure our society is ready to meet them.

We help students with mild autism, their parents and educators address the issues that isolate them from their typical peers. We provide parent/teacher/adult education and support, social skills classes for our kids, and social events that are a lot of fun and a great place to make friends. We offer presentations by experts in the field, question and answer sessions, and the opportunity to connect with other individuals facing the same challenges.

Our focus is on the positive — what can we do with what is available; how can we improve what is available; and how can we help others find the resources they need to succeed?¬† Join us in our quest to help our children.

A nonprofit southern California Inland Empire resource for Asperger’s Syndrome
and students and young adults with Asperger’s/mild autism, their families and educators.