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Open Doors Now is a group for older teens and young adults, and most of us have Asperger’s, autism or something similar.  We hang out, play video games, do karaoke, play Yu-gi-oh! or other games, or we go someplace fun like the movies or the mall. People who want to participate in group activities can, or they can just do their own thing.  It’s a pretty casual group.

You should show up and check us out.  Bring games or other stuff you like to do, because you might meet someone who likes it just as much as you do.  (You might not, but you never know.)  It does get kind of noisy here, so if that bugs you, you might want to bring headphones or earplugs.  We all bring snacks to share, too, so be ready to pig out.

Our parents are also part of our group, though what they mostly do is sit in the corner and talk to each other (and talk and talk and talk.  Seriously, they never shut up.)  We’re a non-profit organization, and our parents do most of the work associated with running the group.  We get a say in what the group does and sometimes we actually have to do some work to keep the group running, but mostly we party.

And now, a message from our sponsors:

Open Doors Now is a nonprofit southern California Inland Empire social group for young adults with Asperger’s/autism/similar and their families.  15-28 year-olds (with or without diagnoses) and their parents/caregivers are welcome to join us.  Parents of younger kids are encouraged to attend, too.  Unfortunately, you can’t bring children younger than 15, but you can (and should) come and talk to the parents of our young adults.  We’ve been where you are and we’ve lived through it.  We’ve got a lot of knowledge and advice to share about how to help our kids and young adults improve their skills and find their places in the world.  You don’t need to sign or join anything, just check the schedule and show up.  We look forward to meeting you and your family.